Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tournament Time! Cash Prizes! Big Money! (not really)

So Are You In?

If you want in and Ive already got your Program in the garage just let me know which it is.
If youve got a new or better program, you know the drill...

Does anyone care about restrictions on type? I for one dont. I think all the OKEs are well balanced between speed, armour, and firepower.

Any questions concerns, drop a line in the comments, or E-Mail me;

Lets do this thing

Thursday, April 19, 2007


In the wake of the increased traffic around these parts, Ill go over some of the basics again.

First and last; all the tools you need to create a program for me or Senorocho too publish are located in 'Resources' right over there -->
The basic grid, and ALL the chips. there in BMP format, bigger but easier to work with. The grid, just copy and paste up to the size you need. The same with the chips, then just add in the coordinates if necessary. Just look in 'Program Storage' for examples if you need too.

If youve decided to be some kind of crazy person and come up with some other method... well just send it to me and Ill convert it if need be.

There. Done and done.

Oh, and make sure you let us know the vitals of your OKE, might need that...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Some people come out of the woodwork when Big Al says he wants out, but when he says "okay, I'll hang around" you're all silent?

Come on, guys, there's a reason why he wanted to quit in the first place - regardless of how bad things are with accessing a community, there isn't much point to having one where no one seems interested.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Okay, Okay

Alright, due to the massive (well atleast for his site) response to my declaration of 'retirment'. Ill keep it up and running. Itll be a little slow getting OKEs up in the garage. So you'll have to deal with that.

And, If anybody wants to co-host this show, let me know

Friday, March 09, 2007

Almost Gone.

Well people, its been fun. but heres the facts;

1. My work blocks me from Blogspot 99% of the time, so I never have the oppurtunity to post stuff.

2. Ill be moving on to the 360 here soon, I will not be keeping my PS2.

Will I one day buy an old PS1 to play my collection of old games? maybe, but dont count on it. One commenter [watson] spoke of a emulator for PCs. Nice to know its out there, I'll probaly look into that. If I come across anything I'll try to post about it here. Or if somebody wants to throw a link our way drop it in the comments.

So, thanks to all who came and contributed, I wish there was more of ya.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Victory OKE

"This OKE is something special. Without visiting the negotiation screen once, this bot was used to complete Callisto."

A bold statement from Mage. But the proofs in the pudding, and its also over in program storage.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the Holy Grail

Playstation Underground Vol. 1 issue 1

I dont know how to get it, where to get it, or even where to start looking (forget E-bay). Mines long gone. But luckily Ive saved (on 3 different memory cards) the only thing worth saving on these discs.
The Carnage Heart development teams OKE designs. Which range from the ridiculous (Bowler) to the unbeatable (Ironman mkII). The one thing I do miss from the disc is the team members explanations and descriptions of thier OKEs and how they had thier 3 OKE teams set up. Unfortunately the rules apply to all of us, developers included, so you still get stuck with the 3 pre-programmed prowlers. So start looking people, Ill take 1.

Mages 'Gladiator'

Mage checks in with his Prowler/2 legged OKE program. And goes old school with the type font. Enjoy.

This mech can be used in groups of 3 identical mechs,
it actually works best that way. The radio chips are
used to let all bots know when one of them is in close
quarters with the enemy, sending a red signal causing
all of them to switch to missiles. If one or more
bots is out of range of the enemy the channel is
shortly sent back to green. This can cause it to
switch back and forth which is fine, when all bots are
in range it stays red and generally floods the enemy
with rockets at close range. Rockets that cause heat
damage are best with this mech for obvious reasons.
It's fun to watch too. :D

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