Thursday, September 28, 2006

A New Friend

Bert da Troll, aka Lynn checks in with not 1, but 2 programs!

"here's some programs I'm currently using in the Callisto
campaign. I noticed that way back in February Wrath0110 was trying
to develop a bomber program. Well, here's my take on one. I've also
included an assault flier program that goes along with it. These 2
fliers should be teamed up with a heavy ground-based hitter like a 4-
leg or tank to occupy the enemy while the fliers advance. I almost
never use 3 of the same OKE in a team. The assault flier goes around
to the left for a few seconds then starts attacking the enemy. The
bomber goes right for quite a while until it (hopefully) ends up
behind the enemy where it begins its attack. Note that the evasion
routine in these keep them moving quite a bit and actually moves them
closer while evading. Eventually the fliers occupy the enemy and
allow the ground unit pretty much free reign."

Both her programs , as always, are available in Program Storage.

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