Sunday, April 15, 2007


Some people come out of the woodwork when Big Al says he wants out, but when he says "okay, I'll hang around" you're all silent?

Come on, guys, there's a reason why he wanted to quit in the first place - regardless of how bad things are with accessing a community, there isn't much point to having one where no one seems interested.

I'll get to showing you my programs eventually. Recently all sorts of college-related things have prevented me from having the time, but it won't be long before the semester ends. Then the only thing slowing me down will be figuring out how to make readable versions of the programs.

I'm definetely interested in finally having some competition in this game.
I'm Interested. See my blog.
Three years later and the same problem. Finding enough active members. Hopefully automating the game sharing process will make it more convenient for players to participate. Even if they drop in just once or twice. It enriches the community resources.

I'm necromancing this Thread to stir up some activity.

CH is alive. OverKill Engineer is here. With new and exciting content. See speedy Stevie's blog or mine for links to the new developments.
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