Friday, March 09, 2007

Almost Gone.

Well people, its been fun. but heres the facts;

1. My work blocks me from Blogspot 99% of the time, so I never have the oppurtunity to post stuff.

2. Ill be moving on to the 360 here soon, I will not be keeping my PS2.

Will I one day buy an old PS1 to play my collection of old games? maybe, but dont count on it. One commenter [watson] spoke of a emulator for PCs. Nice to know its out there, I'll probaly look into that. If I come across anything I'll try to post about it here. Or if somebody wants to throw a link our way drop it in the comments.

So, thanks to all who came and contributed, I wish there was more of ya.

It cannot be!
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and follow up with some links about the emulator.
First, the emulator can be obtained here.
You'll need a graphics plugin which can be obtained here. I recommend P.E.Op.S. GPU.
You will also need a PSX bios file called SCPH1001.BIN. I can't give you a link but you should be able to find it without too much difficulty.
This should be enough to get it working. You can launch a game that's in the disc drive.

I will also comment that I just found this site recently so hopefully I will get the opportunity to show you guys some of my programs. I have a feeling you'll find some of them in particular very interesting.
Too bad, I just found you.
I love Carnage Heart so much....
Never could get a hold of Second Zeus.
that's too bad... i also just found out about this site tonight
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