Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Victory OKE

"This OKE is something special. Without visiting the negotiation screen once, this bot was used to complete Callisto."

A bold statement from Mage. But the proofs in the pudding, and its also over in program storage.

If you recreate this OKE, be prepared to watch it lose... a lot.

One thing I found was that my decided lack of strategy in moving units because it didn't matter with upgraded bots (select enemy base, send unit out and forget) didn't work with this OKE.

The 7th map I lost every time I tried to take that center base, so I instead sent squads up and over to the base on the lower left, a longer journey, but one which gave me another 'secluded' base from which to send out more units.

The 8th map after many losses I decided to just build up 5 or so squads in the starting base and send them out in a little conga line up to the 2 bases in the upper right.. after a while I had those 2 bases and from there it was easy.
Big talk, indeed! I think this might be enough to get me back into playing around with this game some more... :)
Well this OKE isn't much to fight against a decent OKE using missiles should beat it easily I used rockets (snake) because of the nice things that happen when many of them hit an enemy all at once, massive heat damage!

I have other OKEs more suited to battle against other player made OKEs though.. I'll try to get them in graphical form and send them in. :)

Then again if you want to duplicate what I did and beat the game with no upgrades, good luck! It was an interesting quest. :)
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