Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the Holy Grail

Playstation Underground Vol. 1 issue 1

I dont know how to get it, where to get it, or even where to start looking (forget E-bay). Mines long gone. But luckily Ive saved (on 3 different memory cards) the only thing worth saving on these discs.
The Carnage Heart development teams OKE designs. Which range from the ridiculous (Bowler) to the unbeatable (Ironman mkII). The one thing I do miss from the disc is the team members explanations and descriptions of thier OKEs and how they had thier 3 OKE teams set up. Unfortunately the rules apply to all of us, developers included, so you still get stuck with the 3 pre-programmed prowlers. So start looking people, Ill take 1.

Would the Playstation Underground Jampack Volume 1 contain all the previous bonus discs? I found 6 of them on Amazon US. If not well the grail remains to be discovered. :p
these came out long before sony started those 'Jampacks'
You know, I think I still have that in a box someware.

I should try and dig it out.
how many u want?
I designed the packaging, so i have a whole box full
Ever since reading about this demo disc here I've been searching all over the net for it... after almost a year of searching, I just brought it off ebay for $17... bit more than I think it's worth in value, but priceless in terms of completing another piece of my gaming collection... hope it's as great as it sounds... Keep looking at ebay, I've seen it three times in the past year... and when you do find it, bid for it like you mean it... good luck matey.
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