Monday, August 28, 2006

Games? what games

Been moving, remodeling my new house so the ole PS2 hasnt even been plugged in in weeks, so.....

Got a note that Carnage Heart Portable is out in Japan. And if youd think anybody here in the states would care it'd be us at 'da Depot' but youd be wrong. We dont own PSP's and it will never be localized in english. And as I have stated before the PSP is the. Worst. Platform for this game. Ever. Just a bad decision.

Hey! How's it goin'? I just ran across your little corner of the internet. I thought I was the only one who even owned a copy of Carnage Heart. I've been playing on and off since I got the game when it first came out. I still have all my notes and I'd be willing to share some programs if you're interested. What's the best way to do so? Make an image and email it? Anyway, it will be good to see how I stack up against others as an OKE programmer.
thanks for dropping by troll, just send me what you got. I use the 'resource' pics ive got on the site but if youve got something better by all means have at it. havent posted much lately, been moving and remoldeling a new house. so not much time.

Not sure how to take/leave programs so I'm just postin gthis link in here. This is my sucessful attempt at finishing CH on hard with no upgrades. :)

email is:

I would really really like someone to exchange programs with and do battle with. Beating the computer is no way to build my skills. :(
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